Products available for purchase:

Decodable Books

A series of 20 decodable books each focusing on a specific sound/skill following an OG scope and sequence.  Every book in the series is over 85% decodability and features comprehension questions, vocabulary, and a word chart.  These decodables work with any phonics program scope and sequence as they contain the targeted sound and short vowel words.  The series has been vetted by The Reading League and is featured on their decodable text list. 


A workbook featuring word lists, decodable sentences, posters/visuals, games, and decodable fill in the blank comprehension practice sentences.  The workbook complements the decodable book series, providing additional practice for each of the sounds included in the decodable books.  The workbook can also be used independently without the decodable books to provide instruction and practice of skills following the OG scope and sequence.

Phonics Assessment

A progress monitoring/screening tool for teachers and tutors. The bundle includes the materials and recording sheets to assess sounds in isolation, application of phonics skills to read words in isolation, and irregular/heart word identification.

Heart Word Flashcards

Printable heart word flashcards with the word and Elkonin boxes representing the sounds and the parts that must be memorized by heart.